Why Is Monday So Far From Friday & Friday So Near To Monday


How are you lovelies? How was your weekend? Mine was really good and for some reason it felt longer than other weekends not sure why but hey I’ll take time. This morning I woke up at 6.00 am just like that but yet again I’m not complaining since I have quite a few things I have to do today. I’m starting my morning by going to the best gym in Montreal, Vic Park in Westmount (most of you have heard me say this a million times already) for my two favorite classes starting at 9.00 with Karine and then at 10.00 it’s TRX with Geraldine. Fuuun! This is my morning exercise routine because I have one planned for this afternoon as well, oh yeah! This evening I’m going to a dance class and then to hot yoga. So I’m hoping that all in all I will do 4 hours of exercise today since I didn’t go to the gym on the weekend. Excited!!!

Before I hit the gym I have a few packages I have to pick up at the post office and one of the packages contains my new Zaggora exercise pants. I’ve been waiting for these and I just can’t wait to try them and see if they are as fantastic as everyone is saying. Once I get them and try them out will post a review of them and let you know what I think. The weather is supposed to be super nice today so that means I’m very excited since I’m born o worship the sun.

Once I get home from my morning workouts I have tons of emails I have to send and while I’m doing that I’m going to multitask and do my laundry. I’m a smart cookie don’t you think? :) One thing I can’t forget to do is to call my travel agent and check for flight tickets for my vacation this summer since it’s coming up pretty fast. I also have to do a little research for fonts because I’m going for my tattoo consultation tomorrow afternoon and I completely forgot about it. Yikes!

Here are a few pictures from my weekend, enjoy and I will talk you all a little later.

Friday night I was invited to Sugar Ball and this is what I ended up wearing, you like?

Me and my friend Rick being a little silly on a Sunday afternoon at his parents house!

Chilling outside with my little Chihuahua…

Not need for words on this one….

Saturday night there was a booth at the Sugar Ball with props where you could take some fun pics and then they would print a copy for you.

More Rick and me fun!

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