LOOK OF THE DAY – What Philippe.P (Wolfgang) Is Wearing


Philippe P is wearing:

The leather jacket was bought at a frippery (vintage store) on St-Laurent and Duluth here in Montreal. Philippe told me that the jacket is from the 80′s (I was born in that era,yay). The jeans that are perfectly worn out and ripped in key places are Levis Black matchstick jeans. The shoes in this outfit are from the skate brand Adio. Philippe told me that the gloves he was wearing are from the brand Mountain Equipment Co-Op but he was not wearing them to be stylish, it was just cold that night. To top of the look he was wearing a red and black scarf, bought at a local market in Guatemala, ah exotic. Except for Philippe’s look being very “street stylish” and looking great my eyes went straight to the board and I just had to ask about it. I was told the board was bought in Spain and the brand of the board is Manual Longboard. It’s like a skateboard but much longer hence the name longboard.

Not only is Philippe rocking a fantastic look but I found out that he is the owner of Wolfgang which is an animation and motion design company. Wolfgang has produced lots of ads, videoclips and web videos for some of the biggest companies. Have a look HERE to find out more about Wolfgang!

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