IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS – May Edition 2012



MENOSUNOCEROUNO is an Mexican advertising/design/branding agency who has created a fun little package that they call JUST IN CASE.

Just in case of what? The end of the world of course. The package features chocolate, notebooks, matches, a knife, water and of course some liqueur.

So just incase the dooms day arrives you can be prepared, prepared in style.

Nike Air Force QS Max Air TV Camo

Nike just released another pair of the worlds most iconic sneakers! This time it’s all about the camo boys.

The model is a VT, which means there’s no seams on the shoes, which just makes it all the more awesome. We can also see that it got the XXX laces tag, representing the AF1′s 30th Anniversary.

It’s out at selected retailers.

Foosball Tables by Teckell

The crazy, but yet super classy Italians at Teckell surely know how to pull of  Foosball tables!!!

These foosball tables are what would make your high-end penthouse even more awesome. The tables are made out of iron crystal glass, and the players are made out of wood, gold or aluminum, depending on which model you decide to buy.

If you’re interested, visit Teckell.

Forfex Killer Plus and Big

Forfex is an Italian sneaker brand that is worn by people like Lil Wayne just to mention one. This is one of their models called “Killer” and my first thought was that it looks like an Louboutin copy but instead of saying it’s a copy it’s just a more affordable version of the Louboutin’s.

The ‘Killer’ is a white leather shoe with a studded shelf. The ‘Plus’ model has more subtle look with smaller studs, while the ‘Big’ model has a more extreme and rock and roll approach.

The NoMad Hotel in New York

Are you looking for a high end, luxury defined hotel for your trip in NYC? Or if you’ve just won a couple of millions and have decided to live in a hotel for the rest of your life, The NoMad Hotel in New York would be an amazing choice.

Enjoy the pictures, and if you want more info, visit their site.

Lamborghini Urus SUV

Just very recently revealed at the Beijing Motor Show in China the Lamborghini Urus is one hell of a bad-ass looking SUV. WooooT!!!

Powered by a V12 producing over 600 hp divided by it’s 4 really sharp looking wheels. In a time where a lot of sports car makers are looking into the market of smaller engines and less expensive cars the move of Lamborghini seems quite predictable, the Italian brand has always loved the V12 engines.

The only setback is of course the price, estimated at 2 million dollars, and a delivery date at the very earliest in 2015.

Bright Sprout by Nordic Tales

Industrial designer Jonas Hoejgaard came up with a small, beautiful and brilliant piece to hide light bulbs sockets. It’s made out of wood, and with the only attachment being a cord and a light bulb, you’ll have one of the cleanest lamps out there.

Available here.

Bamford Watch Department Rolex “The Love Heart” Milgauss

Bamford Watch Department is well known for their customization of several watch manufactures and Rolex is one of them.  They’ve taken the stunning Milgauss and turned it into something that Jerermy Scott could’ve done for Swatch or something? But hey, what’s a better valentines gift than a customized Rolex Milgauss?

Shanholt Residence by Brissette Architects

Here comes your daily dose of motivation to work your ass off and get somewhere in life, if you want a big crib, in the middle of the freaking dessert!

I don’t really think that I’m the right person to speak about architecture, so I’ll let the professionals do it for me:

The Shanholt residence is a custom home located in the North Scottsdale, AZ community of Desert Mountain. It is an enclave of fine custom homes where many of its building sites offer dramatic views and relationships with nature in the high Sonoran desert southwest. The design of the home was inspired by such a site where the realization of structure was to be an extension of that living experience and not just an appendage upon it.”

VisitBrisette Architects.

The Local Firm Dusk Shades

This is definitely one of my favorite models of shades, no doubt. It came out a couple of years ago, with a look from 30 years ago. What more to say, a blast from the past?

They’re available here.

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