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Hey Lovelies!

How are you doing today? I just got back from the gym and I’m so pumped to start a yet another new chapter in my life. For the past two days I have met up with my naturopath and he has shine some new light into my life. The things I know now are absolutely amazing. I will tell you all about it in a separate post because there is too much important info I need to tell you.

How was your weekend? Mine was really fun but exhausting. I was out almost the whole weekend with very few hours of sleep but it was totally worth it, minus the hangover on the Sunday of course, actually no I take that back it was worth it as well.

Here I’m on my way to the gym on the weekend. I only take one day off from the gym during the week. It’s either Saturday or Sunday depending on my plans and my mood and how my body feels. Most of the time I feel like going to the gym everyday but I think it’s wise to let the body rest at-least one day a week.

On Friday I was spending some time at my friends hair salon while two of my friends were getting their hair done. Since I was not doing anything to my hair I had to entertain myself at time when they were busy. I don’t usually mind doing that since I always come up with something. As you can see in the photo above I’m trying out the look a la hippie style. What do you think? Could I pass for a true Peace & Love Girl? I think I could…

Once I mastered the look of a hippie I figured I should try something else. I have always LOVED baseball caps and my friend was wearing a Cubs BB-cap so I just had to try it out. I think it suits me pretty well so I’m going to get one this week. I would love an LA one in bright neon colors for the summer. Are they made in neon colors?

Saturday night I went out for dinner first to Mechant Beouf in Old Montreal with my friend Natalie. We had some good food and some drinks.

Me and the lovely Natalie. Fun times!

During dinner we got to listen some awesome Rock’n'Roll music played by no other than Skwik E Kleen himself one of the best DJ’s in Montreal in my opinion. I also absolutely LOVE his fashion sense, it so cool and totally suits his personality.

Then we moved on to Santos to meet up with some other friends and celebrate a friends birthday. We stayed there for a few drinks and then we headed to Velvet which is always a blast. At like 2.40 am we decided that we felt like going to this little place on St-Denis and have a pint of cider. WTF, lol! So guess what, we did! Once we had finished out cider and we were the only ones left it was time to go home but we were starving. As tired as I was I ended up going to my friends house to eat. It was the perfect ending to the night and although I got home at 6.00 am, was exhausted the next day with a major hangover it was such a fun night! When I woke up Sunday, late afternoon I just chilled at home for a while and then did it all over again pretty much. So now you know why I have not slept more than a few hours this past weekend.

How was your weekend?

Now it’s back to reality for me and time to get some work done. Yesterday was a total write-off. I went to the gym, did laundry and cleaned my house but that was it. I was so tired after that, that I watched a little bit of TV, ate dinner and fell asleep like a baby.

Lovelies, don’t forget to check back and read the post about my meeting with the naturopath because I need to tell you that how I’m changing my life for the better and how you can do that too. There are some many things that “we” are not told and now that I know all that it just makes so much more sense. I’ll tell you all about it!

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