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Hey Lovelies!

How’s going? This week has been sort of a little weird for me. It has gone by really fast but yet sort of slow. I know it sounds like I’m off me rocker but I’m not. Let me tell you a few of my highlights of this week.

I have been training a lot and really hard this week. Yes, I train hard every week but I really pushed myself this week. People keep telling me I’m crazy, I’ll get burnt out and most of them don’t understand or just don’t care. But training makes me happy! Especially as I had an evaluation with my trainer this week and I found out that I lost 11 pounds so far, however I put on a lot of muscle as well so the training is most def paying off. We also measured all the fat in the body and it has gone done all over quite a bit. Yay, good new for me! Since I know myself pretty well, I know that this will make me train even harder than before and stay more motivated. I needed this ego boost and it came at a perfect time.

making a animated gif

Note the sweat in the pic above after one of my workouts. I don’t care how I look at the gym, I get there and I start training and I don’t stop till I’m done. My motto is, if there is no sweat and you still look pretty when you leave the gym you have not worked out hard enough. Just saying…

I also had a little bit of fun this week with some friends. Just hanging out, having dinner and chatting which most def very needed in my life right now. I’m a very social person and it’s like a punishment for me when I don’t get to see my friends of people in general. I love talking, hence might be the reason I always have something to write, it’s sort like talking in a way.

I have also decided that I’m getting a tattoo in the very near future, like next week hopefully. I have always wanted one but I could never really decide what or where I wanted it. Maybe I was just being scared or not living life to the fullest. Hey, it’s never to late. Once I get it done I will post a pic of what I got and where. I love the spot where the tattoo is going to be. I think it’s very sexy and very private.

Last night I was invited to Ogilvy’s VIP shopping event and hell yeah, of course I went. Me, miss out on a shopping event will probably never happen unless I’m out of town or dying. I went there with one of my best friends, he wasn’t to happy to that I dragged him but he got over it pretty fast since his gf was working the event.

When arriving at Ogilvy’s we were greeted by this Scottish mate, yes we both asked simultaneously if he was wearing underwear almost the second he said “Welcome to Ogilvy’s”. He never answered but we all laughed and I told him I would post his pic on my blog. I never asked for his name so I can’t call you by names Mr (that’s if you a reading this). You can always email me and I will add it. Thanks for being a good sport! : ) I love people that are easy going and love to have a laugh.

Not only was there a lot of discount through out the store but tons of different treats. Anything from bubbly, canapes, sweets, tea to candy. That’s always fun! One hand to browse and one hand to indulge in food and drinks. Can shopping get any better?

It was a festive evening filled of shopping and good friends and you can’t go wrong with that.

Loves it! And it’s only Thursday today, lets see what the rest of the week will bring me…

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