10 Beauty Insider Tips from Christine Elizabeth Laprade behind Vigilant Fashionista


1. What are your makeup staples?

I love to wear a fiery red lipstick on my days off or when I work from home. I don’t care if I’m going jogging or running errands, I’m always rocking my Dior lipstick in Ara Red. I always wear perfume as well.

I love the Guerlain Noir G Refillable mascara. I always go for the blackest, boldest mascara I get get. The worst mascara I’ve ever tried is the infamous Maybelline Great Lash- I always freak out when a make up artist threatens to use it on me LOL! it’s.. oh my gosh, don’t get me started. I just don’t get it.

I recently discovered the Marcelle Gel Waterproof eye makeup remover – it is super effective and I love its fresh texture. I always use a makeup primer to make sure everything stays in place. I currently use Smashbox photo finish. I’m extremely un-loyal when it comes to nail polish however I do own about half the shades from the Sally Hensen Salon Complete Manicure line. I find it’s a great bang for the buck, so to speak.

2. What are your favorite skin care products and why?

Without a doubt my number one pick would be Guerlain Super Aqua-Day Cooling Stick.Whether you’re trying to ease a sunburn or are walking around downtown in blazing weather, this stick will rescue your skin by instantly refreshing it. The results are in: refreshed, glowing skin. Actually feels like rubbing an ice cube across your face. Uplifting, cooling, user-friendly, this stick is my fave beauty essential – ever.

Meet my best friend: Guerlain Orchidée Impériale. It leaves my skin perfectly moisturized ( I have extremely dry skin) and glowing, but not shiny. The texture is just so exquisite, the smell is subtle and the jar let’s face it, looks like a million bucks. It’s intoxicating, addictive, luxe.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or: super not practical as it leaves shimmer everywhere: on  my cardigan, my black schnauzer, the car seat, etc however it’s absolutely muy sexy. I apply it every night before going out. Intoxicating smell as well.

3. Which beauty products do you splurge on and which ones do you save on?

I save on nail polish, as I never keep the same color on for more than 2-3 days.  My nail polish has to perfectly match my outfit  (I’m slightly obsessive-compulsive) I don’t really save on anything else… after all, no one ever regretted looking good! lol

I try to use only ecological and organic products in my house and on my body and I don’t mind paying a little bit more for peace of mind. My shampoo, soap, face cleanser etc are organic. It just makes me feel better. I have yet to discover an amazing eco-friendly mascara though.

4. Do you have any favorite DIY beauty products?

I have 4 jobs, no time to DIY anything lol. My friends make great organic beauty masks and apply coconut oil as a body moisturizer. I’ve seen the results and I can tell you that it works wonders.

5. Which are your favorite beauty blogs that you read?

I don’t read beauty blogs. I like to try the products and see for myself. I feel that we may not have the same standards anyways… I can tell you honestly, and I’m ashamed to say so but I can spend HOURS at Sephora and Holts and try all the products they have. People think I’ve gone MIA as my shopping trips turn into full fledged expeditions.

6. What are your favorite hair products and why?

Moroccain Oil, just like everybody else …
Nexxus Pro Mend for split ends – is a must have and René Furterer Volumea leave in conditioner, perfect for a busy girl like me.

7. What is a beauty product every girl should have in the bathroom cabinet?

A heady perfume.  Be unforgettable.

8. What is your secret to flawless skin?

Diet and hormones are everything. Don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist when in need.
Personally, I keep my skin moisturized as it’s really dry, and I just use the right products according to my skin type. I also put on scads of lip balm to keep m y lips from chapping. Chapped lips are so not chic

9. Who is your favorite beauty icon?

I like Dita Von Teese. Classy, mysterious, fiercely feminine and seductive, she always looks immaculate. I like old world glamour.

10. What is your best beauty insider tip?

Getting plastic surgery always, always always shows. Women, it won’t make you look younger – it’ll make you look weirder. Get non invasive treatments such as IPL photo-facial laser treatments instead: it makes your skin look tighter and stimulates the cell turnover.

A big thanks to the lovely Christine for taking the time and sharing her fabulous tips and beauty secrets with all of us. Have a look at her really cool blog, Vigilant Fashionista right here!

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