Hell Of A Workout!


Hey there Lovelies!

How are you on this cold and rainy Monday? When woke up this morning, looked outside and saw the misery of weather that mother nature brought us I would have loved to curl up and stayed in bed for the rest of the morning. However, I sprinted out of bed (it was all or nothing), threw on my gym clothes and headed to Vic Park gym for some of my favorite classes of the week.  I LOVE the 9.00 am class which is taught by Karine. She is the master of working your butt and abs. Basically you will have buns of steel and a six-pack after attending a few of her classes, perfect for summer coming up. What I love about her classes is that she always changes up her routine. It’s always a challenge but lots of fun and I always leave this class satisfied knowing that I just did an awesome workout. I also really like that Karine pushes everyone in her class to their max. If you pretend that you don’t have anymore energy she will spot you wherever you are in the room and tell you to keep going and to push harder. I LOVE that! So if you want to have buns of steel and some gorgeous abs this is the class to come and try out.

After Karines class I decided to stay for the TRX class with Geraldine which is one of my absolute favorite classes. I like it because TRX is very new to me and it’s quite a challenge since you are using your own body weight and you decide how hard you want to workout. Geraldine is another AMAZING trainer at Vic Park and she will not let you slack off during one of her classes which yet again I love. Today, we did like a trillion different versions of squats. At one point I was really tired and decided to not use my strength to my full potential when doing the squats but got caught and got pushed even harder. You slack off, you most def pay for it. Ha! ha!

I’m not sure which other gyms in the city offer TRX group classes so I think you should come on down to Vic Park and try a TRX class if you have never tried one. It really works all the muscles in your body, the ones you knew you had and the ones you never thought even existed. Trust me, I know! What I also like about Geraldine is that each class that she teaches she will start of by asking everyone what they want to work-out. She does not have her own set training program that she does over and over again. She literally listens to the people in her class and then teaches her class according to the requests that were made.

In conclusion I just want to say that I had an AMAZING workout this morning all thanks to Vic Park, the best gym in Montreal!

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