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Hey Lovelies!

How have you all been? It’s been a week since I did a post and I’m SO sorry for not keeping you up to date during my vacation. There are several reasons for that one being that I was actually enjoying my vacation and the second being that the internet was to slow for me to upload pics and access my blog. I tried to blog the first night I got to Punta Cana but it took like an hour to upload one photo! Ugh? I tried again the next day but the same thing happend. So instead of blogging I used Facebook and Instagram. For those who follow me there you must have seen some of the pics I posted. For those of you who only read my blog here are TONS of photos from my vacation. When I say tons I really mean it. So if you are in a hurry this might be a post you want to save for another occasion when you have more time to spare.

OMG, I totally missed blogging! I didn’t think a week would be a big deal but let me tell you how happy I am to be back online…back telling you about all the things I LOVE. And since I loved my vacation in the Dominican Republic let me tell you all about it. Mostly in photos but I’ll describe them for you so that you can get a better picture.

Here we have a very happy and a very ready-to-go-on-vacation me at the Montreal airport. I decided to dress in a golden nutral color since I knew it was going to be very warm upon arrival in the Dominican. I was wearing tights in Montreal and during the flight but I took them of just before landing. I got quite a few questions about this outfit so let me tell you what I was wearing.

Sweater: Joseph

Sweater top: Zara

Skirt: COS

Hat: H&M

Bag: Louis Vuitton Limited Edition

When i woke up the next morning, at 7.00 am due to extreme excitement of being in Punta Cana I just had to take a stroll around the beautiful resort I was staying at. Most people would have probably rushed to eat breakfast but I headed straight for the beach and I was blown away by the beauty of it. I mean just look at that clear blue water and the majestic palm trees! Wow!

Not only am I a paparazzi in my own cities but the paparazzi effect doubles when visiting a new place. If you would be walking behind me I would need  a sign on me behind that said ” Caution this girl makes frequent stops”.

This photo was taken that same morning while exploring the resort. I was wearing an Odd Molly sun/beach dress.

My first morning at the beach. As you can tell I’m pretty white…

I met this Mr on the beach one day when heading over to have lunch. He was selling these really big and beautiful sea-shells and I just could not resist so I had to get one. I only brought twenty dollars with me to the beach since it was an all inclusive resort but if I had brought more money I would have for sure gotten more than one of these beauties.

Getting my tan on!

I found this pretty butterfly on my terasse one early evening while it was raining like crazy for about 20 minutes. I think he came to seek shelter from the rain so I snapped a pic of him. So pretty, I love butterflies!

Here I am very tired since I spent my whole day swimming and splashing around in the water but I still have to go for dinner because we were going to a sea food a la carte resto. Seafood and me are best friends so there was no skipping out on this one no matter how tired I was.

I spotted this beautiful flower with fresh raindrops on it when walking to dinner one evening and I could not resist taking a pic.

This was one of the many Dominican inspired decorations around the resort. However I liked this one a lot because of all the colors and sparkles.

The staff on the resort was really friendly and the ladies were very cute and pretty. This lady used to great me every morning for breakfast. Such a sweet-heart!

Each and every time I looked at the beach I was swept of my feet by it’s beauty and I just kept taking pictures. I loved, loved, loved the color of the water. So pure…

This is the spa and gym building. You can workout and then go for a relaxing massage or maybe sip on a Pina Colada on the rooftop overlooking the beach and the water.

More beach shots….

…and another one!

Oh yeah, and a photo of the beach at night. Even at night it looks gorgeous don’t you think?

I found another flower at night I just had to photograph…

Even though some days it was a little cloudy it was still very hot and the sun was extremely strong. I found out the hard way. Since it was cloudy I thought that I won’t need any SPF or actually I put tanning oil to accelerate the tanning process. BAD IDEA! My but was burnt by the end of that day and sitting down was very painful!

There was different little boats you cold rent and go zooming around in but that’s not why I took this photo. Look at how still and peaceful the water is in this pic. Totally relaxing to be tanning on this beach!

Sunset photo, love the purple skies…

There was so many of these black birds in Punta Cana. They are sort of pretty but they are really loud when they make their sound. Not sure what you call a birds sound because this sounds was far from pleasant chippering…

AA very happy me tanning on the beach! I think the picture speaks for itself no?

First day of tanning when I was silly enough to think I didn’t need SPF a million. I never ever burn…I mean I was practically born and bread on the beaches of Marbella using SPF 0 and drenching myself in oil but i guess the sun on this side of the world is way more powerful then I was led to believe.

Early bird gets the worm! I always wake up very early so I got to choose the prime spots on the beach every day.


Another pretty flower…yes I take photo of anything and everything…

More tanning…

Ready for another a la carte dinner at the resort. Please excuse the hair as it dose not look it’s best due to all the humidity. It had a life of it’s own while vacationing in the Dominican.

I was being artistic…you like?

What can I say more tanning…yes I tanned every single day I was on vacation.


Japanese resto that was really good and the decor was so pretty. Totally up my alley.

Our Shabu Shabu chef of the night.

I discovered another use for all the bracelets I have. They are the perfect accessory when sporting a bun. In this pic I’m wearing a gold, braided bracelet around my bun. I think it looks really nice.

This was my favorite spot on the Bavaro beach.

Tanning a la European style and by that I mean topless. I really don’t fancy tanning lines from bikinis however I don’t this is a very popular trend for North American because I didn’t see anyone else tanning topless.

Some arm candy that matches my dress for the evening.

Arm candy on my other arm.

There was a really windy morning in Punta Cana. Too windy to tan so I took a stroll on the beach to take some photos. Look at the water in this pic, it has turned green due to the wind and all the seaweed moving in the water. Pretty cool!

Here you can see how windy it was. Just look at the palm trees.

Pretty sand palm tree…

Let’s go surfing now…it was perfect weather for it the day it was really windy.


Arm candy I brought with me…

The Italian a la carte resto.

So all in all my vacation was fantastic and I would totally go back to the same resort again. As my first experience in the Dominican I have nothing bad to say. I hope that you enjoyed this picture “bomb” and I missed you all a lot!!!

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