Vacation Time


Good Morning Lovelies!

The time has come. It’s only a few hours left till I’m on a plane on the way to paradise, in other words the Dominican. I’m almost done packing. The only thing left to pack are the cosmetics and beauty items which I will pack right after this post. Then I have to make sure I can actually close my suitcase.

I have already called the hotel where I’m going to be staying to find out about Internet so that I can keep on posting and let you follow me on my vacation. They said that I will have wifi in the room so let’s just cross our fingers that it will be of decent speed. When travelling as a blogger, I realized that my little carry on  (other than my handbag) is just full of gadgets. I have two cameras, one smaller one and my SLR, my laptop, hard-drive, tons of cables, memory cards, adapters and much, much more. So much easier to be just a fashionista than a blogging fashionista but not as much fun. And being tech-chic is pretty awesome!

I have no idea what to expect out of this vacation other than beautiful beaches, great company, an amazing tan and lots of fun times. Like I said I will update on a regular basis and you will be with me in the Dominican every step of the way. Now, I really have to get my act together and get packing or I won’t make it for my flight.

BTW, last night I went to the amazing event presented by Heels & HeART. It was called Nemesis Good vs Evil and it was so much fun. I have thousands of photos (literally) I will be going through them on the plane and posting an article about the event in the very near future so stay tuned.

Lots of xo’s to all of you!

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