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Hey Lovelies!

The time has come and I’m leaving to the Dominican tomorrow and I’m SUPER excited. I’m not a big fan of packing before a trip because I never know what to bring, or rather I want to bring everything I can possibly fit in my suitcase. However, over the years I have travelled a lot so I have made up my own travels guide and I want to share it with all of you.

Whether you are visiting your family, planning for a romantic getaway or just a girls’ weekend trip to the mountains or in my case Punta Cana this time around. Knowing what to pack is the key to a perfect vacation, mark my words in this statement.  A hip traveler makes sure to be comfortable yet stylish during her travels and once at her destination.

Here are some useful tips for your packing guide must-do’s.

  • Pack smart – means you pack light.  It can be a little challenging at first but trust me, you’ll be glad you did at the airport! OK, so how do you do this? What I start of by doing is placing out all the options that I want to bring on my bed. The pile is pretty big however, after I have place all the options on my bed I go through them again and re-select what to bring. I make sure that I don’t bring items that are to similar to each-other and things that I can mix and match. Once the second selection process is complete I take all my clothes and put them next to the suitcase and start packing. While packing them in the suitcase I eliminate a few more items that are not really necessary to bring. I know this might sound a little crazy but trust me third time is a charm and you will realize how many “useless” things you would have packed if you didn’t go through these three steps.
  • Comfy walking shoes - I don’t know about you but nothing else is too much fun if ones feet are in pain.  There are many chic sneakers/sandals/flats such as ballerinas available throughout the year for your own taste. So pick the ones you can walk “miles” in that way you avoid blisters and sore feet. Walking shoes first always, then you can worry about the dressy shoes. I tend to bring one pair of dressy shoes that will go with all my dressier outfits.
  • The best SPF you can find – Doesn’t matter where you go, a hip girl never goes anywhere without a good SPF especially if you plan to spend much of the vacation outdoors.  Don’t go overboard getting like an SPF 50 or higher as recent data suggests it is simply overkill it does actually not work that well. You are better of getting an lower SPF and re-applying it more often.
  • A few jewelry pieces- Although I’m accessory obsessed and would love to bring tons of stuff with me it’s a no, no! So what I’m trying to say is don’t take your entire jewelry collection.  Just a couple of nice pieces that will go with the wardrobe your are packing.  I usually bring one pair of large earrings and a smaller pair that I wear on the way there. I bring one or two statement necklaces and a smaller one that I wear on the way there. You can bring a bangle, or a few smaller bracelets that you can mix and match together with different outfits and then BASTA!
  • When in doubt – take a scarf and hat! It’s a quick & easy way to add some punch to your style. As well as hats and scarfs are great when going on a beach vacation both style wise and to protect your hair color from the sun.
  • A lightweight jacket or cardigan – Better safe than sorry when unexpected weather hits you. So even if you are going to an exotic place and you don’t think you will be needing these items I recommend you take at least one that you can match up with all the clothes your are packing. Trust me it won’t take up that much space.
  • Ziploc bags and bags - These come in so handy – for scrounging up little items like toiletries and I even use gallon size bags to separate dirty clothes during my trip. When I pack I try to pack all my items in little dust bags or plastic bags. That way when I arrive at my destination everything is organized and really easy to unpack without having to re-fold every single item.
  • Have a backup – for important addresses/phone numbers just in case if you lose the cell or laptop. One always thinks it won’t happen to them but you never know so better safe than sorry. I also, always make two copies of important travel documents one set for the trip and one extra one to keep in a different bag incase the first one gets lost. I also email a copy to friends or family to keep at home especially if my trip is outside of the country. Just incase!
  • Essentials - It’s very important to not go a day without any med’s / documents you might need.  So I always make sure to pack the most important items in my carry-on luggage. Such as medication, make-up and other things that are important to me.
  • Have a blast & be safe – Learning about ones destination before the trip will be a plus and remember a little planning goes a long way. However, just don’t over do it since it will take the fun out of the whole thing. I like to spend a little bit of time and research the destination I’m going to. I like to mark down a few things I want to see, visit, maybe an excursion I’d like to make. I also tend to download a dictionary app on my iPhone just in case communication in english fails.

In conclusion I would like to state – make a checklist, double check it, pack and you are ready to jet!

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2 comments to ViktoriaLove’s Hip Travel Guide

  • Thank you for the accurate tips about SPF. I get upset when people promote the idea that a higher SPF is “safer” or “protects” you better. Have a safe trip!

    • Hey! : )
      Thanks for reading ViktoriaLove and I hope you enjoyed it!
      Yeah, SPF is promoted in the wrong way…either too little or way too much
      Thanks for leaving a comment a wishing me a safe trip : )


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