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Hey Lovelies!

How are you? I’m good now once I forced myself to the gym. Most morning I wake up and I have no problem going to the gym, in-fact I’m excited to go. This morning for some reason I didn’t feel like going. The thought of going back to bed did cross my mind but then I just got ready and went anyways. Once I get to the gym I’m in the mood to work-out as hard as I can but I do need motivation and some inspiration from time to time to keep going. I know the pay-off is going to be huge once I reach y goal but let me tell you it gets a little bit hard when you are working out 6 days a week. There are few things personally that make it a little challenging for me.

1. What to do with my hair?

When I work-out I really work-out. I push myself to the max and the result of that is that I leave the gym pretty sweaty especially after I started taking thermogenic supplements. My hair is literally wet like if i had just washed it (OK, I exaggerated a little bit). Once I get home I have to rinse my hair right? So I do that and I put some conditioner, I won’t shampoo it everyday because it makes your hair very dry. However, I don’t want to style my hair everyday either because it also makes the hair very dry and damages it. If I would wash and style my hair 6 days a week I would probably end up bald in a few months. Not only do I not want to damage my hair but it’s time consuming to style my hair every single day. It takes at-least an hour so what’s my solution? A fashionable bun! And my hair doesn’t look dirty at all which is the whole point of this look.

2. Waking up early and always heading to the gym

I have to wake up extra early because I have to factor in that I loose about 3 hours out of my day while at the gym training. I also have to make sure I don’t go to bed super late since I have to wake up early and go train.

3. Washing Gym Clothes

By going to the gym 6 days a weeks I go through A LOT of gym clothes which means I constantly have to do laundry and that gets a little bit annoying. I wish there was gym clothes that you could buy and use them and then throw them away like rubber gloves.

4. Eating Out

It gets a little bit challenging when eating out with friends because I want to eat healthy and not waste all the hard work I put in at the gym by eating something with excessive fat and calories. Most of my friends don’t care what they eat when they are eating out so there is a lot of temptation however, there is always a healthy option where-ever you go. As long as I don’t pass by a candy store that has gummi bears I tend to survive eating out.

5. Exercising Is Addictive

Since I started the gym I have slowly but surely become slightly obsessed with exercising. Yes, it’s very good to exercise but sometimes I really have to force myself NOT to go to the gym that one day a week because I get sort of a guilty feeling that I’m not exercising. Then I tell myself “C’mon you can take a break for 1 day each week”. I wonder how I will feel when I go on vacation and I don’t have my gym? Over exercising is not good for the body either so keep that in mind lovelies.

Here are some images that I have collected that I look at when motivations runs a little low and then it comes right back up when seeing all these. Enjoy them and keep moving. Like you all know Strong is the new Skinny!!

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