Excited & Counting the days


Hey Lovelies!

I’m SOOOOOOO excited that I can barely sit still. I’m going on vacation again but this time I’m going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and I have never been there so that makes me even more excited. I’ll be leaving to go there in about two weeks with my two girlfriends and the resort we booked is off the walls! It’s called the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe and it’s like a mini city situated on this beautiful beach. Loves it!!!!

Since I have more or less two weeks till I leave I have to put in some extra time at the gym, yes more than 3 hours a day because my body better be ready for all my bikinis and getting a gorgeous tan while sipping on cocktails (I have to research the ones with the east sugar and calories of course) on the beach and reading my fashion magazines.

This resot has everything you can imagine. It has like 11 restaurants, tons of bars, five swimming pools including a wave pool (heaven) and a shopping mall, yes an actual shopping mall plus like a million other things. Like I said it’s like a mini city of the beach. Personally, I like to splurge on a resort when I go on vacation an have an amazing time or if I can’t splurge than I rather not go than stay in a not to nice of a place.

So, tomorrow morning I’m going to the gym early, doing an hour on the treadmill, then an hour of zumba and then an hour of abs and butt work. I will go to the gym Saturday and Sunday this week too. This vacation has really got me motivated to put in the extra time at the gym which also means I’ll be cutting down on outings to avoid eating food and having drinks that contain more than necessary calories.

Have you ever been to Punta Cana or Dominican Republic? How was your experience?

Did you LOVE it!

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