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Morning Lovelies!

I woke up at 6.00 am when I still had one more hour to sleep. Not sure why but hey I guess I will start my day early. Today I’m doing 3 classes back to back at the gym – Victoria Park. The first class is called Sculpt. This class is all about cardio, interval training to get your heart rate up and some muscle work by doing a lot of reps. After this class is done I am going to take a core class. Yup, work my two-pack (yes I have one) up to a four-pack and then work on my butt and legs. It’s a great class! Then the last class of the day is a intense stretching class which I’ve not tried yet. However, I’ve heard that it’s pretty intense so I’m crossing my fingers that I will be able to walk out of the gym after these three hours. Another reason why I’m really excited about going to work-out today is because I have received my gym supplements called Oxy-Elite. I’m dying to try them out and see what results they will give me. It’s said that they help you burn more fat while exercising, give you more energy to exercise harder and make you less hungry. Sounds like a dream pill to me! I will let you know how they are but I need a few days to try them out.

Hmm…what else is on my schedule today? Oh yeah, lots of girly stuff like eyebrow shaping, eye-lash dying, waxing and all that. I like to get it done all at once that way I don’t have to go back a million time for different things.

OK, got to run to my classes at Vic Park!!!

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