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Hey Lovelies!

What’s up? I’m a little bit all over the place because life feels so different at the moment from my usual life if that makes any sense. There are several factors that are making me feel like this. I’m meeting and getting in touch with new people, friends and some old ones too I guess. My routine at the gym is starting to make me feel different. I feel better, happier, stronger like I can conquer anything that life throws at me. I hope so anywyas…

On Tuesday it was “Mardi Gras” but it’s just as important for us Swedes as it is for the people who live in New Orleans. Yup! During this festive holiday we Swedes eat something called Semlor. It’s a Swedish pastry.

This is how they look

I have not had a Semla in years, since I’m usually in Montreal or travelling during this season so I never get to eat one. This year, my craving was stronger than ever so I started researching online how to make a Semla. After reading a ton recipes I was disappointed because let me tell you it’s not easy to make Semlor, not for me anyways. I mean, I don’t like to cook and even less to bake. The rate of success when I attempt to make something in the kitchen is very low. So that gives you an idea of my cooking skills. There was no way I was going to be able to bake Semlor. I don’t even know what I was thinking. With a frown on my face I did one last search online ” Semlor in Montreal”. And, OMG, I found a post saying that there is a bakery, an Italian bakery at that, by the name of La Cornetteria that actually bakes Semlas. Whaaaaat? I felt the rush go through my body (yes, over a Swedish pastry) and I picked up the phone and dialed the number of this Italian bakery. This is how the conversation went:

La Cornetteria: La Cornetteria, hello?

Me: Eh, hi! I’m calling to find out if you have any… (a big pause and I thought to myself is this Italian dude even going to understand what I’m asking for if I ask for a semla? Oh, what the heck I’ll just ask) Semlor?

La Cornetteria: Yeah sure we have Semlor (Semlor pronounced like if he was an Italian-Swede of sorts)!

Me: Oh yeah?! Eh…ok I’m coming…keep eight please…I’ll be there in like two hours!

La Cornetteria: Ok, no problem. Ciao!

Me: Ciao! Ciao!

Then I think I danced around my house for about five minutes, called my mom to tell her the news and called all my friends telling them to not make any plans in the evening because we are eating Semlor. My poor friends, all confused could not have another response than yeah, OK sure probably thinking that I’m slightly insane.

I rushed to the gym and worked out extra hard since I knew I was having at least one Semla later and then I drove like a mad women to the cutest little Italian bakery, selling Swedish Semlas in Montreal. Let me tell you that they were pretty close to the real deal. I absolutely loved my Semla last night. Amazing baking La Cornetteria and I will most def be back to try out all your other sweet indulgences.

Here is the info for my new favorite bakery in Montreal:

La Cornetteria
6528 blvd. St.Laurent
telefon: 514.277.8030

Now that I shared what a Semla is with all of you let’s move on. What are your plans for the weekend? I was supposed to go shopping with my friend this afternoon but have you looked outside the window? Have a look at the below picture. Those are my curtains that are see-through with white tree designs on them. Normally, I can see the mountain outside my window but now it’s completely white out. WTF?

So, since it’s suppose to snow 20 cm tonight with winds up to 90km/h I don’t think I’ll be spending much time outside but who knows I get bored easily.

OK, I should totally get back to work now but I’ll be back a little later or maybe not, depends what the evening brings my way.

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