10.Deep 2012 Pre-Spring Collection

So spring has just arrived here in Montreal…eh…well so we all thought till it started snowing today. Anyways here is a preview of the New York brand 10.Deeps pre-release of their S/S 12 collection.

Here are some of my favorites that you can pick up at their on online shop, and the rest of the collection arrives March/April.

Empty Memory by Logical Art

I have USB’s not very pretty was because I don’t really care how they look as long as they work.  But if I would care, I would look for a better looking USB stick like the Logical Art. They have produced a series of USB sticks called ‘Empty Memory’ which gives you a fully functional USB stick with a flawless design.

You can buy them here.

2013 Maserati GranTurismo Sport

We all know that Maserati is not well know for making ugly looking cars in fact it is totally the opposite. Although 2012 is just beguan Maserati is already planning for 2013. Maserati has re-invented their Gran Turismo Sport and it’s looking hot! It still has the sporty but elegant look but if we take a peek under the hood there’s been some slight improvements. The GT 4.7 liter engine has been upgraded to 460 horsepowers and can accelerate to 60mph in under 5 seconds and it has a top speed of 177mph.

Nike x Undercover

Nike…Nike…Nike it’s never ending and it’s great. Something I really Love about Nike is how much effort they put into making their shoe look nice but not only that they make them excellent for running. There was not exception made when they teamed up with Japanese Undercover, creating the Gyakusou International Running Association. These were designed by Jun Takahashi who is the founder and lead designer of Undercover for this collection. SS12 offers plenty of cool garments but I think these sneakers a more than fresh. Combining nice color combinations and shoes made for running is always a winner, soon in stores worldwide.

Rockstand v1 Badass iPhone/iPad Holder

If someone asked me: Hey Vik, I’ve got 169 dollars and I want a badass looking iPhone/iPad holder, what do you suggest?” Well my friends in need, look no further! Carved out by finest CNC machinery made of finest aluminium this holder is adjustable in 6 different ways and it holds your iOS device so preciously like it was your firstborn baby!

Pick up this masterpiece online at Rokforms homepage.

Aston Martin DB5 In The New James Bond Movie “Skyfall”

The iconic Aston Martin DB5 has been featured in plenty of James Bond movies. Originally in Goldfinger, but then it returned in Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and most recently Casino Royale. And now it’s spotted on the sets of the all new Bond movie Skyfall, for the first time in a close up chase scene since Goldfinger!

Skyfall is set to premiere in late fall, so keep your eyes open for this classic in it!

Marni x H&M For Men

H&M has a rich history of collaborations with brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin. Marni is a family owned luxury brand with stores worldwide that has designed a collection I really like, subtile colors with strong accent colors. It even feels like everything is very wearable this time, without having the swag of Kanye!

In stores March 8.

Marc Jacobs SS12 Low Tops

A man who needs no further introduction and has rocked the fashion industry for quite a while with both his own brands and as creative director for Louis Vuitton since 1997. Clean minimalistic design is something you all should know that I  love by now especially when it comes to sneakers.

This sharp looking white leather sneakers from Marc Jacobs SS12 line is more than sexy. It also features details and logo in gold. This pair is a winner, order them online at Oki-Ni.

Gerber Steady Multi Tool

When I was a kid I loved these multi tool things, so much stuff that you can play around with forever, but at some point I grew up a became more girly. Gerber, however has  taken the multi tool to the next level and stepped the old fashioned hardware into the future. By adding a small extension that allows you to use the multi tool as a tripod for your camera (genius) , Gerber Steady Multi Tool is the SHIT to bring out when you’re hiking, or whatever you want to use your multi tool for.

Buy it here.

Nike Air Force 1 30th Anniversary

2012 is the year when one of the most loved sneaker  that is currently out there turns the dirty 30. In order to celebrate this Nike is  planning on releasing these two beauties in their “XXX” series (whatever that means). It’s to AF1′s in the lower model. The black one is in denim all over, with a leather swosh, and this is probably the best looking AF1 I’ve EVER seen! The white one is in 3M light reflective leather, and to put a contrast to the shoe they’ve added a off white, semi transparent sole. The sneakers are supposed to hit retailers in early March, so keep your eyes open.

That’s it that’s all for this time Boys!!!

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