My Valentine


Hello Lovelies!

How was your Valentines evening? My was amazing and my whole house was filled with Love, hearts, good food and amazing company. Here are a few photos from how I spent my Valentines evening.

Here is a card I got from my family in Sweden since I can’t spend Valentines with them this year but we made sure to exchange some Love anyways.

Some decorations around the house in the name of Love and besides I just love decorating my house for every occasion from Christmas to Easter and all the other cheesy holidays!

Even the glasses matched the theme…

A heart plate filled with yummy fruits that are just waiting to be dipped in Chocolate !

I don’t think I have had chocolate fondue in years and years. Although I am on a strict diet I couldn’t say no to some strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Trust me I made up for it today at the gym with two back to back classes.

Last but not least, my chihuahua got a little tired from all the Love at the end of the night and decided it was time to relax while we all had dessert. Is he not the cutest?

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