Happy Valentines Day!


Hey LOVElies!

I know many off you don’t celebrate Valentines Day but I think it’s sort of nice to dedicate a whole day to love as long as you have someone to spend it with.

There is no need for expensive presents (although I love presents), flowers or restaurants. It can just be a sweet little handwritten card, a cute sms to someone you care about or just a day you try to spend some time without someone special.

I don’t think that Valentines Day is only for couples but it is a great opportuinity to show your mom, dad or your friends that you care about them. One phone call to wish someone a Happy Valentines Day is so nice and a little more personal then wishing it through Facebook or sms.

I feel it’s a little sad that this day has become one that people spend counting how many roses they get or how many jelly-heart or chocolates are in their box, because why does that matter? I feel like people should take a minute and relax and instead of focusing on the materialistic gifts, start focusing on the message this day has brought us. Take some time and tell your loved ones why they are important to you.

Tonight I am making dinner and chocolate fondue for some very special people in my life at my house so I am sure that my evening will be amazing but as for now I have to go get ready for the gym!

So, I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day and I love you all!

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