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Glossy Box, founded in Germany is a monthly subscription beauty service that is revolutionizing beauty regimes across the world. If you are a member you receive a Glossy Box every month filled with five luxury cosmetics wrapped in a super cute pink box.

I believe I am one of the super lucky girls who received a Glossy Box right at my door just the other day and let me tell you I was so excited I even let out a little shriek when the mailman handed me the box. He gave me a look that translated into “Why are you so excited about receiving a box” but little did he know what this little box of luxury actually contained. February’s inaugural box came packaged beautifully in pink and ribbons and chock full of some really great products.

For those of you not familiar with these kind of services, I’ll give you a quick break down. So for a monthly payment you receive a box filled with luxury beauty samples and the best part is that it’s delivered right to your door.  For Glossy Box you pay only $15 a month (including taxes and shipping) and you will receive a selection of 5 deluxe samples.

Isn’t that just amazing?

Do you want to know what was inside my Glossy Box? Well just keep reading and I will give you the inside scoop and trust me at the end of this article you will be rushing to subscribe for next months Glossy Box.

Each Glossy Box arrives with a cute envelope that contains a card describing all the products that are included in this months box. It tells you the name, the price and what the beauty product can do for you. I think that this is great because it gives you an idea on how much you might have to spend if you would like to keep using one of these products.

A nice gesture, a card welcoming and greeting you as a Glossy Box subscriber. I know most of you might only be interested in the products that are inside the box but I LOVE all the little details such as the packaging, the greeting and product pricing card I even love the ruffled paper inside the Glossy Box. It’s the whole package that makes Glossy Box stand out above all the other competitors. Well that’s my personal opinion anyways.

So, finally lets have a look what was inside the box shall we?

I LOVE Ahava and to find this hand creme inside the box was a real treat especially in this cold weather which makes our hand so, so dry. Of course I had to try it out right away and it felt like soft cashmere swept over my hands. Even now, a few hours later my hands feel really soft so I think I might just have to go out and buy this one!

Again, another great product I found in the box was the lip balm from Elizabeth Grant. I have not tried it yet but let’s just say who wants to walk around with dry, chapped lips? Well, not me so this is a great sample product to include in the Glossy Box.

OMG! Excitement, it’s essie nail polish can this box get any better? I mean who does not love essie nail polishes? This color is going to be perfect for those spring and summer days coming up in just a few weeks.

I have not tried any Oscar de la Renta products in the past so it will be very fun trying something new and that is what the purpose of the Glossy Box is all about. By subscribing to the Glossy Box you will be able to try out a ton of beauty products you’ve always wanted to try or some that you have never heard off.

Hmmm….wrinkles the nightmare of every women out there?  I would believe so I will never say no to trying out a product that might slow down my aging, prevent wrinkles and help fight environmental damage as well as enhance my skins natural moisture. I have never tried this creme so guess what I am doing tonight before i go to bed? You got it, trying out the Prevage creme I got in my Glossy Box.

Can this box get any better?

Eh, yeah! Just when I thought I had gone through all my five beauty products I see something else in the box. I take a closer look and I see it’s Beauty So Clear! Beauty So Clear are wipes and sprays to clean all your beauty products. Anything for lipsticks to foundation powders. So you can now keep all your make-up germ and bacteria free.

So far the Glossy Box was truly amazing in my opinion but it will be interesting to see as the months go by if GB can keep up this level of brand quality, I have my fingers crossed!

There is one more thing I need to tell you and that is that the GB service also encourages you to review the products you receive and to get your friends to sign up and try out Glossy Box. In return you will be rewarded with GlossyDots – 20 for every product you review (up to 5 a month) and 200 for every friend who joins. When you reach 1,000 GlossyDots that month’s box is coming your way free!

So again for only $15, Glossybox will surprise you each month with a new selection of beauty and skin care products. You can go online and create a personal beauty profile to get items tailored to meet your individual needs. Besides providing a practical way to try new products without spending tons of money, Glossybox gives you the opportunity to stay excited each month and wonder what’s in store while you wait and then open you decorative pink box filled with beauty treats you deserve.

You can check out all the GlossyBox details and their blog at

Are you excited to get you Glossy Box?

What do you think about Canada’s first Glossy Box content?

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