Montreal Fashion Week Day 1


Hey Lovelies!

So, Monday was the first day of this years first fashion week. I’ve been to quite a few MFW’s (Montreal Fashion Weeks) now so I know more or less what to expect or so I thought anyways. This time around I arrived at MFW and there was literally tons of people, more people than ever before. I love the fact that MFW is growing slowly but surely and more and more people are interested in participating, experiencing or reporting about this event.

Monday I attended quite a few shows and each one will have their own blog post coming up shortly with photos, reviews and other specials. I like to take the time and talk about each designer separately because otherwise I believe my posts would become extremely long. Stay tuned for all the designer reviews coming up here on ViktoriaLove in the near future.

What I was wearing:

Sweater: Joseph, Top: Versace, Skirt: Versace, Bag: Louis Vuitton and Shoes: Valentino

I chose to wear this outfit because I Love sparkles and shimmer and fashion week is the perfect occasion for that extra sparkle that might not suit other events on a daily basis. I love wearing black when I go out in the evening but with all the shimmer in this outfit it adds and extra umph. Or I met these guys at fashion week who told me “Oh my gosh! You totally look like Madonna during the super bowl half time show! We love it! L-u-v Madonna!” I totally took that as a compliment and I think I rocked this outfit pretty well since I got more than one comment saying “I love what you are wearing” It makes me feel extra special when I get commented on my outfits since sometimes what I wear is a little over the top and I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb. This does not mean that I care if I stand out because I always wear what I love and what I feel comfortable but you all must know that a compliment always makes one feel really good.

Lots of people in the cocktail lounge having a drink before the first show of the night.

(Natalie and me at MFW day 1)

Relaxing at the media lounge and having a Nespresso to keep that energy level up for the remaining shows that evening.

While at the media lounge you can update your photos, websites, blogs etc by using the nice computers provided my MFW.

Loves it!

I can’t quite remember what I was saying here but I must have spotted someone I know or some fabulous outfit. My photographer took all these pictures and in some of them I didn’t even realize I was being photographed.

Like I mentioned above please check back to read all the articles about all the amazing designers participating at MFW day 1.

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