Duy – MFW


Duy, the Vietnamese-born designer I feel has based his inspiration for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection on chic-softness meets edgy-tough. These opposites totally complemented each-other in all of Duy’s pieces. The color palette consisted of ebony, midnight blue and forest green. Most pieces were detailed with nice zippers, leather and lace. There was beautiful cocoon-jackets, puffy shoulders, sparkling dresses and some very extraordinary dresses. Luxury can totally be wearable as Duy showed us during his fashion show. Below you can see some of the gorgeous pieces.

One more thing before I let you enjoy the photos. I want to say thanks to DUY for an amazing show and for featuring Andrej Pejic, stylist / model on the catwalk amongst the rest of all the beautiful models. That was awesome!!!

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