How I Prepare For Fashion Week


The Three Essentials:

I need my Nikon camera, my iphone so I can update our readers constantly on Fashion Week happenings and a note pad to write down all my notes from each and every fashion show. One really important thing to me is to bring a good, comfortable and roomy bag. Oh and Nespresso coffee or any other really good expresso.

Go-to shoes:

I’ll always wear a nice pair of heels when going to fashion week but I’m make sure I have pair of ballerinas in my bag at all times in case my feet start hurting me. There is nothing that makes me cringe more than ladies who can’t walk in their heels because their feet are hurting them. Yikes!

Biggest Fashion Week faux pas?

I don’t think I’ve had one yet! Actually, I hope I never do — knock on wood. However I don’t really believe in fashion faux pas, everybody should feel free to experiment, especially during fashion week. It’s a celebration of creativity!

Looking forward to:

To seeing inspiring collections and outfits both on and off the runway.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

The best part about Fashion Week is running into my friends, from near and far, everywhere I go. As well as meeting new people interested in the same things as me fashion. Of course lets not forget about all the fashion shows.

Describe your inspiration for your Fashion Week look in five words or less:

Elegant, accessorized, luxurious, and habitually chic!

Do you pre-plan your outfits?

I’m like George Costanza. I dress according to mood so I can’t really plan too much ahead. But usually by the time I go to bed I have an idea what I want to wear the next day. I plan it out in my head and it usually works, slight tweaks might be necessary once the outfit has been tried on. Usually works really well for me though.

Fashion Week partner in crime:

My photographer and my friend Natalie which has always accompanied me since my first fashion week ever. It is sort of a tradition now and it would be weird if she didn’t come to any shows. They also keep me sane and laughing nonstop.

Favorite spot for last-minute shopping excursions:

I have a few spots I like to go. Such as Editorial boutique, Holt Renfrew and Zara. Between these three stores I know i can find an outfit or something to complete an outfit. However, I am usually really well organised and I have my outfits all planned out. But there is always an just in case right?

How do you unwind after a long day of shows?

A nice hot shower, some green tea and a few chapters of the current book I’m reading in my super cozy bed.

Post-Fashion Week plans:

I put everything in place, go through the thousands of e-mails I’ve been unable to read during the whole week. Then once that’s done and I feel I’ve gotten a hold of that, I make long phone calls to my family and friends. After that i go through all my photos, notes and posts to make sure I have posted everything that I need to post. When I feel Fashion week is all said and done with I take a day to relax before I get back to work.

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