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Hey Lovelies!

How’s it going? I just spent the past half an hour writing this post and then when I was ready to publish it, everything I wrote got deleted argh! Oh,well lets try this again, shall we?

I was telling you that evey muscle in my body hurts, even the little tiny one that I didn’t know exsisted are killing me. It’s a good pain though. It’s a pain that reminds me off how hard I worked this week so I’m satisfied even when in pain.

I have added a new step to my diet and that is called Vega meal replacement. I am suppose to “eat” this instead of two meals a day. I usually always drink it for breakfast and the for lunch or dinner depending on how hungry I am or what my plans are that day. One of these “meals” has 240 calories but let me tell you it is very filling so that’s good. I was worried that maybe I would be walking around hungry but it’s all good so far. The only downside of the Vega supplement is that I don’t really enjoy the taste of it. There is a few flavours to choose from and I chose Vanilla but was not to impressed. Oh well, it’s not forever I’ll be drinking this.

Today, I am having a little bit of a relaxing day. I am going to clean up my house a little and then head out to buy a birthday gift as well as I’m going to check out some watches. I want to get another watch and there are three models of that brand that I want to have a look at. It’s a quite expensive watch so I want to make sure that I choose the one I really Love! Later on in the evening I’m going out for dinner at a steak house so trust me Vega it is for breakfast and lunch because I am so eating steak tonight! I don’t think I have been this excited to eat out in a while. Usually I like to eat home cooked food because I know what goes in it and usually it is more healthy but today I need a break from drinking Vega and have some real food instead.

OK, time to drink my second coffee and start cleaning so I can go down town after, have a lovely day!

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