Saturday Night


It was my birthday this past Saturday as most of you know and just like promised here are a few photos from my dinner with all my lovely friends. We went to eat at a restaurant called L’Orignal in Old Montreal. I had heard a lot of great comments about their food, cocktails and decor. Indeed the food was amazing and very different from other restaurants in Monreal. However, my first impression of the restaurant was not as great. I found that the hostess was rude and I had booked a table for about twenty of us and when I got there the table was not even ready for us to sit down at. What a downer? On top of if the hostess was not very nice about it but ah well I was there to celebrate with all my friends and that’s what I did. We had great food, a great drinks and lots of fun!

My birthday outfit was composed of:

Top: Manoush

Skirt: D&G

Hair: Styled at Orbite Salon

I absolutely LOVE this top from Manoush that I bought on my most recent trip to London. I believe I got it at Harrods on the fifth floor. Manoush is one of my favorite designers because of the amazing details on all their very unique pieces.

Do you remember Sona? Well, this weekend me, my friends and the “rest” of Montreal all gathered at Espace Griffin Town to remember Sona and the good old days of partying. DJ’s such as LaFleche, DJ XL and Luc Raymond were spinning old school tunes. I loved seeing friends I had not seen in forever and of course dancing all night till the sun came up. “Remembering Sona” party really made us remember how it was in the old days by making us wait for almost two hours in the freezing cold before letting us in to the party which to me sort of ruined the party a bit. It was very badly organized! Not only did people wait for two hours but once they were let in they were told that the coat check was full and they had to carry their jackets around with them during the party. WHAT? If you know that you have sold a certain amount of tickets don’t you plan for that amount of coat check space? Just saying! So, if you are the organizer of the party and you are reading this I just want to let you know that I have not been to a party with such poor organisation.

However, I still had an amazing time with all my friends so I want to thank all of you for coming and celebrating with me!!!

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