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Does your hair texture change?

I thought I would talk a little about shape shifting hair, has anyone had that recently or ever?

I’ve heard that a woman’s hair changes every 7 years. It can become thicker, thinner, more brittle, curlier, less curly, etc. For me, that is definitely true. When I was little I had sort of curly hair. When I grew a little older, let’s say in my teenage years my hair became pretty straight. For the past little while my hair has been in between so it has some nice curves and body.

You might ask yourself what cause our hair to change. Our texture can change for many reasons, but most of all it can be blamed plain and simply on hormones. If you have had a baby, a surgery, an illness, a weight gain/loss, change of diet or any major change in atmosphere, you can expect that your hair might have a slight fit over it.

Has your hair changed over the years?

What I recommend for dry, damaged or colored hair

The first thing you need to do is some damage control as I call it. Hair that has been over processed by anything from bleaching, color or by heat needs protein. Protein is depleted from the hair when hair is damaged. I was recommended by a friend of mine about the Joico K-pak deep re-constructor which is amazing. It has been rated the BEST for the past 9 years so that tells you that it has to be good. As well as I tried it and LOVE it. What a difference in my hair. You can also try Redken Deep fuel which is full of protein but I strongly recommend Joico. You can get it at most salons or online at for example sleekhair.com and you can use the code “heybuddy” and save 10% (I know this because I am a hair junkie).

One very important thing to remember is that after a protein treatment you are going to need some deep conditioning or your hair will feel like straw which I am sure you don’t want it to do. If you want to go with the same brand you can get the Joico deep condittioner called K-pack Revitaluxe regenerative treatment. It is sort of new on the market but works wonders. I recommend that you do protein treatments once a week if your hair is very damaged otherwise every other week and then once a month.

Now, another important thing you need to do is replenish Keratin. There are many great treatments out there but they can be a little costly. This will help buffer the damage and help your hair looking healthy again and most importantly stop breakage. There is a brand called Alfaparf. They have some amazing products for stressed hair and they really work. They have  line called Bamboo, which is specifically designed to repair extremely damaged hair.  You can also buy it at sleekhair.com but you can also find it at bluebeez.com I would also recommend to get a shampoo which is free of sulfates.

OK, so that is what you do for the outside but what about the inside. Now here is what you do from the inside. I recommend to get a good multivitamin for hair and skin. They really do work! I like the omega 3 pills. It might take a few week to see the results but you will see them. Get the omega 3,6,9 combination because it is the one to get for hair. Also drink lots of water and try not to stress (easier said than done).

I hope this was helpful for you and soon enough you will have gorgeous locks!

What to do on my next visit to the hairdressers on Saturday?
I really like the reversed ombre look. Blonder on top and darker at the bottom / underneath. Do you like it? The only reason I am a little skeptical is because what happens when your roots grow out a little?
Or do I go with the “regular” ombre? But I sort of prefer myself in lighter hair around my face but on the other hand I have not really tried having darker hair so shall I?
On thing I know I am doing is cutting my bags razor straight because it’s been a while since I’ve had that!

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