Tuesday Covered In Snow


A new year is like a new page in an empty notebook, dying to get scrawled. Anything is possible here in 2012. Right now the only thing I can thinking of is burying my winter coats and toss on some beloved pastels while inhaling some dusty heat (preferably on a boat somewhere around the chic Spanish Riviera).

Last week went by so fast yet with so much excitement for Spring. I can only tell you so much besides I’m looking freaking forward to it although right now the snow keeps on snowing outside and Spring is nowhere to be seen. A new season and new trends. Then there’s something more fab to come, I know it!

Yesterday, I got some new furniture for my apartment and I spent like the whole day re-arranging and fixing my house. There are still a few things I want to get to complete the new look of my living room. I think I am going to go get them this week so I super duper excited about that too. Fun!

Now I’ve got to go and marinate my chicken which I will cook for dinner tonight. I think I am going to make a Thai stir-fry yummy!

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