My Christmas Story


So this is Christmas, my Chrsitmas. I want to share with you a little Christmas story, it’s my Christmas story and I will let the photos do the talking.

Me, my brother and Milou

How pretty is the Christmas tree?

Me and my mom

My mom and Dad and me

Picture perfect! Me, my brother and our mom

Present for me…

Oh la la! What’s inside? Maybe a new bag?

Still opening…

Table is set and ready for Christmas dinner

Some Christmas candy and chocolates

Christmas gifts Santa left us

My favorite flower and it just happens to be a Christmas one

Pretty Angel

Milou, got a huge bone for Christmas which he loved but it was so big he could barely carry it himself, so cute!

My brother Marcel

Look there is a monkey in my tree!

Ha, ha Milou is super tired after opening his Christmas gifts so he decided to rest but he is holding his toys tight so that no-one steels them from him.

Oooo this one is for me


Marcel my brother but I love this photo. I think it’s pretty cool that the photo is focused on his face and his hand is blurry so I that’s why I wanted to include it in my story.

So once again I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas with all your families, friends and your loved ones wherever in the world you may be!

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