LOOK OF THE DAY – What She Is Wearing Stockholm Style


We all know that women of all ages in Stockholm are one of the best dressed women in the world. And if you didn’t know this fact then it was about time for you to be informed about this. Here is Renata and her LOOK OF THE DAY.

This is only one of her “casual” outfits that she wears when she runs around the fancy streets of Östermalm in Stockholm. Shall we take a closer look at what she wore today, a Wednesday before Christmas?

OK, let’s get started!

Since this winter in Stockholm is more like fall the outfit is a little lighter than it would normally be this time a year. Renata is wearing a gorgeous, simple sweater from DVF matched with a skinny pair of Miu Miu leather pants, with heels from Tods.

Simple & chic don’t you think?!

You can’t  go wrong with an outfit like this however this “simple” outfit has been accessorized by some pretty unique pieces such as a Versace fur coat, Chanel shades and a Birkin bag. Oh yeah, lets not forget about the most precious accessory, the French bulldog called Milou (so cute).

I would love to have every single accessory Renata was wearing today. Actually, I would like to have everything she was wearing today. I loved her “winter-ish” outfit simple, chic and totally ravishing! It was well composed and you can tell that she thought into each and every piece of the outfit she was wearing.

What do you think? Gorg or what?

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