LOOK OF THE DAY – Stockholm Edition


It’s been a while since I posted my LOOK OF THE DAY so I thought today it was time to post one. I have not had time to take photos of myself and everything I’ve been wearing everyday but now since I’m on Christmas holiday I found some time. These posts are one of my favorite to write and work on. They are a little time consuming but they are totally worth it.

So Enjoy!

Today it was not super cold here in Stockholm so I decided to wear my brand new Sandro dress. It was the first time I wore it since I bought before leaving Montreal. It is so comfortable and it looks great on. When I was buying this dress they also had it in a burgundy red color and I totally regret not buying it as well. Hopefully I’ll find it when I go to London next week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

To match my dress I wore a camel colored Burberry cashmere scarf, my aviators from RayBan, my limited edition 2011 Louis Vuitton bag (been a while since I wore it) and a pair of leather gloves from Zara with over-sized zippers on the side. Oh yeah, my boots are black leather boots from Ash which are uber comfy and a little rugged to give this classic outfit a bit more umph!

Perfect for a day on the town when the sun is shining and it plus 5 degrees outside!

Just wanted to let you know that the tassles attached to my LV bag can be bought separately at Louis Vuitton stores as well as the gold lock. I like to accessorize as much as possible to I tend to attach extras to my bags.

Woop! Woop!

As for jewelry I wore my custome made eveil eye pendant necklace which I absolutely LOVE and everytime I wear it I feel extra protected. I also love wearing lots of arm candy so today I chose to wear lots of gold. I think I was wearing about five different bracelets. The more the merrier when it comes to arm candy, in my world anyways. Last but not least I wore my custome made heart ring which also one of my favs. I love wearing custome made gold jewelry because I know I will be the only one wearing and I am wearing what I love.

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