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Hey there…

We (me & my family) have been trying to get our TV channels to work. We are supposed to have a million channels and we only have 5 WTF! Not cool! I feel like watching Animal Planet, it’s one of my favorite channels ever. I can watch it all day long and it’s not working so it’s a little upsetting.

Later on this evening we are going for dinner at this super cool resto called Grillen (the grill in English) where they have amazing food but the decor of resto is what makes it fun to go there. It’s sort of a big resto but it has been divided into different styles and areas within. Such as the burlesque part, country Sweden section, Thailand inspired section and so on. I’ll take some photos and upload them later but to give you in idea here is a pic of their websire which is awesome as well.

Chat later!

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