Hudson Bay Point Blanket


The other day I went back to the Bay just to have a look at “The Room” which is the new section at The Bay in Montreal where they sell all kinds of really nice designer brands. While on my way to the escalators I walked past the Hudson Bay collection and I stopped to look around. I’m so attracted to the color combination used and I love everything that is Hudson Bay.

However, with that being said green, red, yellow and indigo are the four colored stripes we associate with these iconic Hudson Bay point blankets and other things is this color-combo. But did you ever wonder about their origin? How did this start? OK, well I did some research and this is what I found. These blankets were traded to Native Americans living in what is now Canada as far back as 1779, often in exchange for things like beaver pelts, buffalo robes, and moccasins.  To prevent having to unfold or measure the blankets, a clever point system was created by stitching in small indigo lines to denote their size and weight. Pretty innovative don’t you think?

A century later these point blankets were used by both Native Americans and French Canadian voyageurs to make hooded coats called capotes (and I desperately want one, just putting it out there).

Doesn’t that make you want one even more?

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