Highlights Of My Weekend


Good Morning Lovelies!

Great weekend, but my schedule was jam packed starting with Thursday. Let me give you the break down of the highlights of my weekend. Thursday I had dinner at my house and then I went to the Casino with my friends. We got there at 11.00 pm and left at 4.30 am. YES, at 4.30 am! Where did the time go seriously. But I guess when fresh oxygen is being pumped in constantly anyone will stay wide a wake and willing to gamble, but what do I know. Either way we won money so that was great.

Friday, well I woke up a bit later, went to hot yoga which was amazing as always and then it was time for Luca e Franco for dinner and drinks. It was my friend MinJi’s last dinner at this resto because she is moving back to Korea TOMORROW!

I’m going to miss her SO much!

Anyways, so after dinner on Friday some of my friends went to Martin Solveig but he was playing at a teeny-booper club a.k.a La Mouche so I decided to pass on that and go shopping Saturday morning which I did all day. I was fun but who knew shopping was that exhausting? Well, actually I did know, I just forgot.

Saturday night, me and my friends went to the Montreal Canadiens hockey game. We got tickets from  a scalper on the street outside the Bell Center (that was so much fun) and then we went home changed and watched Montreal almost win except that they lost in the end. Bummer! However, the game was still so much fun!!! And it was my first hockey game ever.

Always a good time at Luca e Franco!

The force is with the monkey….

Sunday, Oh Sunday….another day filled with shopping. Literally I shopped till I dropped. I got home around 7.00 pm and I just had enough energy to have a shower and eat something. I was in bed by 8.00 pm can you believe it? It’s OK, I needed my rest since this morning I had to change my winter tires at like 7.00 am which I must say is quite early to have your tires changed but it’s all good since I am ready for the snow now.

Ha ha…. I can’t stop laughing when I see this pic of me and my friend MinJi. We had some time to pass the other day before the hockey game so we decided to explore the different features oof iPhoto and this was the result of one of the pictures. Lol! We look like some kind of little cartoons…pretty cute huh?

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