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Morning Lovelies!

Who believes that little details can make all the difference? I know I do! Even if you are not feeling a hundred percent that day you can look like you do.

For example, my hair was sort of ready to be washed but I woke up and I was to lazy to wash my hair this morning. What to do? Go to work with gross looking hair? Or use your hair to your advantage. Create a nice looking bun, spray on some hairspray to keep all those little wild hairs in shape and even some shine spray to make your hair look glossy. Voila! You look like a million dollars. Ready for the runway (OK, maybe I exaggerated a little there). However my point is that a simple thing as putting your hair in a bun can make all the difference.

Another tip I will give you is that, if you feel like dressy very casual or sometimes wearing an un-eventful outfit spend some time on the details of your outfit. It only takes a couple of minutes but the results are fab. Here is an example of what details I wore with a simple navy dress.

A nice big watch with a wrap around bracelet, on the other arm some small red and gold bracelets and another wrap around bracelet. Arm candy galore! Then I added a nice big bag with some bright color. Easy as 1, 2, 3 but not boring like the next persons outfit.

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