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Morning Lovelies!

What a day, yesterday. It all started out fine till I got on the high-way and this huge red exclamation mark went on in my car. Me not know what it means figured, ah I’ll check it later. Little did I know, I had a punctured tire. Whopsi! So after work I had to call road assistance to firgure out what’s wrong with the car. The guy comes and yeah he tells me you have a flat and you can’t drive with it. He calls me tow-truck and finally after 3 hours of waiting at work after I finished work they take my car away. My lovely friend waited with me and then she took me to IKEA, which made me feel better and then she drove me home.

I got home and guess what my day was not over. It was time to clean and arrange since my cousin gets into town today. So I clean, dusted, mopped and by the time I was done it was almost midnight. Ugh! Let’s hope for a better day although I am not car-less, at least for today.

Well, well I guess life throws you some curve balls when you least expect it and you just have to doge them or hit them back as hard as they hit you. What other choice do we have? I think I a more of a hitter than a dodgier though. Now I have to rush and get ready because my friend is picking me up soon, we are going to work and then the airport after work to pick up my cousin. Hopefully we get to go for dinner at iBurger if my life goes according to plans today!

Here is some inspiration for today!

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