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Good Morning Lovelies!

Wide a wake and ready to go!!! It’s Wednesday and today is going to be non stop.

Here is my mini schedule:

7.00 am – Get ready (shower, make-up, hair and get dressed)

7.45 am Cut up some fresh fruit for work

8.00 am Out the door!

8.10 am Call my mom from the car

8.45 am Arriving at work (That’s if there is normal traffic)

9.00 am to 5.30 pm Work! Work! Work!

5.30 pm Out the door and off to IKEA

5.45 pm Arrive at IKEA. Get some stuff and Swedish food

6.45 pm Driving home

7.15 pm Arrive at home. Un-pack everything and change

7.45 pm Put in all the laundry and start cleaning

8.45 pm Eat and change the laundry to the dryer

9.45 pm Fold laundry

10.00 pm Finally relax and go to bed!!!

Mind you I will probably do a million other things in between all the things that are on my schedule. Do you have any plans for today? Are your days this hectic as well?

Another thing I wanted to tell you is about make-up. Personally, I can only use one brand of mascara and that is Lancome. I can’t use any other products from Lancome because they irritate my skin but I LOVE their mascaras. So, I wanted to let you know that they are having a promotion at Pharmaprix’s right now on all Lancome mascaras. I got one yesterday and it comes with an eyeliner and a medium bottle of eye make-up remover. Go deal! Oh, yes I can use those two products on my eyes I meant that I can’t use their creams or other make-up.

I want to wish you a LOVELY day and remember that with motivation and a good attitude you can make anything happen for yourself, you just might have to strengthen your abilities.  This doesn’t have to apply just to work or career situations, but can used as a mantra for all life situations.

Here is some morning inspiration!

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