Hello Bed Time!



How was your day? I guess mine was OK. I am excited to be home, have a snack and relax. However, I got new bed sheets from Lexington so I’m super excited about going to bed tonight. I LOVE new bed sheets and these have a thread count of like a million. I don’t cheap out on bed sheets because great bed sheets give you a great sleep. What do you think? Are they not pretty and don’t they make you want to climb in bed with a good book and or watch a cute movie while falling a sleep? Yes!

I also have lots of other new stuff I bought but I have not had time to unpack and snap pic of them yet but as soon as I do I will share with all of you. So, my food is in making so while that’s cooking I’m gonna jump in the shower to refresh and then it’s relaxing time. Tomorrow will be another long day since I have to go to IKEA after work and pick up some stuff since my cousin is coming into town on Thursday. I want to make sure he feels at home although he will have to camp out on my couch. However, in my defence my couch is pretty damn comfy. And bonus! He will have a chihuahua to cuddle with.

OK lovelies, I got to run and finish up some things but speak soon that’s for sure!

PS the “teddy bears” on my bed are, from left to right: Karl Lagerfeld – Mua Mua Doll, Ralph Lauren Teddy and Sonia Rykiel doll. Some of my favorite designers I get to share my bed with every night. Oh, I’m soooo lucky!

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