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(Photo taken at 5.00 am, after almost 24 hours of festivities)

This weekend was amazing and so much fun! It started on Thursday when I went for a drink with my friend and I did some shopping. Friday, was a little crazy since I had to prepare for the even crazier Saturday I was going to have. So, on Saturday I woke up once again at 6.00 a just like it was another week day (it was rough). I showered, did my make-up and rushed to the hairdresser to get my hair blow dried. My hairdresser was not there but another one called Braden did a AMAZING job! My hair still looks the same it did on Saturday can you believe it and I don’t want to wash it either.

At 10.00 sharp I had to be at the wedding which was held at the Loft Hotel down town. First it was the Indian wedding ceremony which was really pretty and interesting (for me anyways). Following the Indian ceremony was the Indian lunch. After that it was time to go home relax, change and then head back for the Christian ceremony which was very nice as well. This ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and of course the party. Yes, I closed the dance floor this time around as well.

After the wedding although it was already close to 3.00 am I headed home to change and then off to the next party which was sort of like the Burning Man but in-doors. All I can say is that it was interesting and I can see why people might like it but it was NOT for me at all. However, I like to experience everything and this was another thing I can add to my list.

Now I really have to get ready for work, for Monday and for the week to come but I’ll be back a little later.

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