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What I’m wearing: Sunglasses Ray Ban aviatoris, Top Missoni, Jacket D&G, Bag Mulberry, Skirt COS and shoes Tory Burch and transportation method BMW.

Hey there Lovelies!

How are you? Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday evening I went for dinner at my friends parents house. It was so nice and fun. The food, especially the turkey was out of this world. I think I ate for at least two people but I couldn’t help. There were so many dishes too choose from and I had to try everything. Not only that but when I got there the mama had prepared hors d’oeuvres and then there was dessert so you can only imagine the feast. Today I’m on a diet!

I finally got to sleep in today and trust me I could sleep more but I’m gonna clean my house and then head over to Atwater market to get some yummy fruits and veggies and then come home and just relax on my couch and watch movies. Tonight, I might go out with some friends but no Black n Blue partying for me. It’s to far, I don’t want to go to the Big O to party. They should have got a location down town but that’s my opinion I know tons of people that are going and they seem to be fine with the party’s location.

OK boys and girls time for me to get down to business and start cleaning. I need to put on some happy music and the house will be clean in no time.

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