RULES – Getting Dressed


I often get calls and emails from friends, family members and even strangers asking if they can wear navy with black and I sort of giggle to myself. Of course you can!

However,I wouldn’t say any of the traditional fashion etiquette ‘rules’ apply to my day to day dressing.I also think rules is a word that goes against instinct. Fashion is a world where the rules change every season. What was black is now color and what was solid color is now print, don’t you agree? If I have to tell you some rules of getting dressed it would be these ones:

1. Break your evening wardrobe out for day

I think wearing white lace in the morning looks lovely and gold dresses and embroidery looks better worn in the day than at night. A silver skirt and a gold foil blouse for example, looks amazing.

2. Combine contrasting prints freely

Some say mixing prints is a no-no, but for me and for fashionistas all over the globe this has been a huge trend as of lately. As long as the prints work together and don’t compete you are on your way to breaking one of the rules but in a good way. One of my favorite things to do is pair up a polka dot top and a floral print skirt. As long as you wear something in a bold way, it works.

3. And do wear black with navy

Black and brown together — some would say eeeek, I say chic!

4. Repeat with wild abandon

Sometimes I will wear the same skirt to work four days out of five, always in a different way. I become addicted to seeing how many ways I can wear it.  I’ve often thought I should do this when traveling as it would certainly cut down on the packing process.

5. And where it like you mean it

During the week, I like to really dress up, especially for work. It puts me in a good frame of mind and keeps me motivated. My mom is big in fashion and she always told me “ Dress for the job you want in the future.” And now I live by this rule.

These are the “rules” I get dressed by. What are yours?

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