ANNIE 50 – Montreal Fashion Week 21


Annie 50, founded on February 14, 2005, the company continues to evolve thanks to the complementary experience and assets of its owners, Annie Chagnon and Amélie Gingras-Rioux. The two have combined their talents, working together to create the collections, choosing their style, cuts and materials. Inspired by the 1950s and based on ethical production principles, the ready-to-wear line is attracting considerable attention.

Spring-summer 2012 collection

Spring-summer 2012, sees Annie 50 parade through a Montreal mixing past and present perfect. Inspired by days gone by, the collection feeds off the vibe of neighborhoods where the ghost of Michel Tremblay’s characters walk hand-in-hand with the city’s street kids. On the catwalk, natural fibres like linen, cotton and bamboo was seen along with flowers, polka dots, lace and denim in shades of pink, blue, navy, red and off-white.

What I liked the most about the collection that it is totally ready to wear. What we saw on the runway is pieces we will be able to go out and purchase next Spring and Summer. Every girl is able to wear these super cute creations. Shall we have a look at what was shown on the runway the other day?

All photos were taken by ViktoriaLove’s official photographer. If you would like to you any on the photos please email to or

Chic, sophisticated, feminine and fun! Great job Annie 50 can’t wait to visit the store next season and maybe get one or a few pieces to strut around in on the streets of Montreal!

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