First Evening At Montreal Fashion Week


Morning Lovelies!

Here I am on the way to Montreal Fashion Week Day 1!


(Me and Justine. Check out her HOT booties!!)

Last night was the first day and evening of Montreal Fashion Week and of course I was there. I was really excited (like always) that it was that time again. I headed over straight after work with my friend and my lovely photographer who was there and will be there all week to take amazing photos of all the fashionistas and the models of course.

It was nice to see all the familiar faces and to see what all the amazing designers have in store for next spring and summer. I saw a few shows last evening and I was expecting color. Lot’s of color since that seems to be the trend for next year. I saw, non of that as well as I was expecting prints, fun prints but neither did I see that. However, this does not mean I didn’t like what I saw although I think color is a very important and actually a must for next spring and summer.

I will go into more detail and post a separate article on each designer and fashion show later on but I will tell you who my favorite designer of the evening was. It was hands down Dimitri Chris. There are a few reasons why. First, I was expecting to only see men’s fashion but to my surprise the first model to walk out on the runway was a female one. Wow, did I LOVE what she was wearing! That white boyfriend shirt/dress, I want it soooo bad. I loved it! Amazing!

I also really enjoy the fact the Dimitri Chris mixed in some women’s wear into his spring and summer collection. That was truly a nice surprise. One more thing I loved about his collection is the pattern of the pants,shirts and shorts he used. It reminded me a little about Ralph Lauren (which is a good thing because Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers).

Here is a picture so that you know what I’m talking about and the feeling of the collection that I liked so much. I love that Dimitri Chris went for that Ralph Lauren-ish feel. Honestly I great job, I loved it!

I have tons of more photos and reviews for you all later but not I’ve got to get ready and start my day.

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