In My Bed Right Now


Ugh, what a day. I’m usually not the one to complain and most of the time I have a smile on my face, I suck it up and I work as hard as an ant. Today I did the same but it was hard. I don’t know… I felt like I was walking up-hill all day, it was a struggle. I did get a lot of things done but it wasn’t fulfilling. I am not quite satisfied with the outcome of my day. Do you ever feel like everything you do just doesn’t come out the way you expect it too? Or the way you want it too? Well, today was one of those days for me. Luckily I am already in bed and ready to watch a movie with my little Chihuahua. I will fall asleep peacefully and tomorrow is a new day and I know it will be better than today. I need to re-charge, re-fuel and wake up with an positive attitude (which I do every day) to start my day.

Guess what’s coming up next week? It’s Montreal Fashion Week!!! Who’s going? I know I will be there at most of the shows and if I’m not able to make for one of the shows I will have someone from ViktoriaLove representing. I am really excited about MFW and I can’t wait what’s in store for next season by Montreal amazing designers. I already prepared my schedule and RSVP to all the invites I have received in the past week. Excitement!

On another note, do you like my animated GIF’s? Hmm…I know this one is not the best one but it’s very natural. I am wearing zero make-up and I am un-decided weather that is a hit or a miss. But, I mean I am in bed after all so au naturel it is.

OK, my lovelies I am off to watch my movie and enjoy some Chichi cuddles so I wish you all a lovely night and sweet dream.

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