I’m In Bed…


Evening Lovelies!

How was your day? Mine was really good and really busy since selections are still going on but I work with such a great team that it’s so much fun going to work everyday, thanks girls!

I was suppose to go to Festival Mode & Design tonight but I had to rush home because something came up and now I just feel like staying home. I do however have a ViktoriaLove team member representing at Festival Mode & Design tonight and I will be there tomorrow for sure.

Can you believe that I already showered, changed and I am lying on my bed relaxing with my cute little chihuahua. Yes, I know what time it is but I like to have some me time in the evening where I just relax since my schedule is usually jam packed with stuff to do. I also have a little bit of research to do which I don’t mind doing in bed, so it’s all good. What are you all doing tonight?

OK, so I want to tell you that I have started a new project called “My-new-self”. It’s a project that is all about me for me. I need to start taking more care of myself in a whole new and different way than I have done so far. It doesn’t matter whether it’s taking care of the outside or the inside because they both go together. I want to live more, spend more time on myself and what makes me happy. I also think “make-me-feel-better-shopping” will gain a whole new meaning in my life. I don’t go shopping very often to make myself feel better but sometimes it’s nice to buy yourself something no-one else would buy you. But this time around I will buy myself something nice because I am worth it. Because I care about myself and because I love myself. Yes, I said it! I love myself and so should you. Before you can love someone else you have to learn to love yourself. I love doing what feels right for me in the moment and I will start doing that more often, so a big shout out to my new project “My-new-self” and I will keep you posted on how it goes.

how to make gif

Whatever you are doing tonight I wish you a great evening alone, with friends or with someone special and see you at Festival Mode & Design tomorrow!!!

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