The iconic little dot.

A favorite of the fashion set since in the mid-1700s (when it was worn by late-Rococo aristocracy), spotted prints were christened “polka dots” in the 1840s as polka music captivated the world. Since then, the popularity of the graphic little dots has only grown; in 1940, the print was soomnipresent that The Los Angeles Times remarked, “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you’ll never regret it this season.”

One won’t regret it this season either. In every incarnation from palazzos to clam-diggers, dots have been showing up on runways steadily for the last three years. And once again this year. I have already spotted (he he get it?) some polka dots in different stores around town.

Yup, the polka dots have popped up everywhere on high street stores and now Polka Dots can pop into your wardrobe too without breaking your bank. I spotted, no pun intended, this red polka dot jacket at Zara which you can pair with plain separates. Or you can go a little bit fashion forward and pair it with a dress that has even bigger polka dots and polka dots covered heels.

I will “most def” be spotted walking on the dotted line in polka dots this fall season, will you?

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