Paper Pottery Please


Have you ever felt that you wished you had some nice paper cups and plates for when you have lots of girlfriends over for coffee or tea? You are just hanging out and having fun but once your gf’s leave you have to clean up all by yourself. And you can’t serve your yummy Nespresso coffee in paper cups, that’s just wrong so you’ve got to use your dishes.

I just found a solution to chic, classy tea / coffee parties whit an easy clean-up.

We all know that the paper cup is an icon of disposable culture but by imposing classical ceramic styling and playing with the material, artist Rebecca Wilson has come up with some really nice paper pottery. Some of the cups are assembled from cast sheets of handmade paper while others are hand-built from sheets of porcelain and paper pulp mixture. Either way, they are delicate, beautiful and clever!

Can you tell which ones are paper and which ones are porcelain?

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