Jet Set Time!


Jet Set Go!

My Spanish vacation is coming to an end, although I wish I could stay here for a while longer. I am having such a great time with my family and friends that it’s going to be really sad to leave, like it always is. However, the real world is calling my name. I need to get back to work. It’s going to be very busy at my work (I work as a product developer) as well as it’s Festival Mode & Design (I’m invited to attend all the shows) as soon as I get back and right after that it’s Montreal Fashion Week (which I will also be attending). So it’s going to be “full rulle” which in Swedish means a jam packed schedule. As long as I keep busy I won’t miss my family (mom, dad and my brother) as much and let’s not forget all the great family and friends I have waiting for me in Montreal.

With that being said I am not leaving tomorrow but I always have to start packing well in advance because I usually shop to much and at the end of a trip or vacation I can’t close my suitcase/s so I need to check if I need to buy yet another suitcase or not. Right now it does not look too good. What do you think?

The thing is no matter how hard I try to minimize my packing it just always accumulates and my suitcases are always super full. It’s magic! It’s like when you wash your socks in the washing machine. You know you put in ten pairs of socks but only 9 and half come out of the wash. And next time 8 and a half and so on. How does that happen? Either way, no matter how little outfits I pack the suitcase/s are always jam packed. Ah…the joys of traveling!

OK, it’s getting late so I will leave it at this and I will talk to you all tomorrow!

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