How To Tie Twisted Turbans


Turban chic may very well be the Summer and Fall accessory trend that brings me the most joy. Although, turbans have a long fashion history this look has been fallow for a while. Recently, this trend has reinvented itself and made a major come back.

Turbans are no longer just associated with grandmothers this look has gone back to its roots of sophistication and glamour. Turbans have been appearing everywhere; from the runway to the city streets. Designers such as Jason Wu, Giorgio Armani, and Andrew Gn all sent there models down the runway in variations of these intricate head garbs. Jason Wu accessorized his spring 2011 collection with black and blue retro inspired turbans. Giorgio Armani showcased African Inspired turbans. Andrew Gn drew upon old Hollywood glamour for the turbans in his collection. I love the diversity of this look .

There are really no limits to the ways you can wear a turban it can be worn casual, formal, or black tie.

How To Tie A Turban

1. Stretch out your turban cloth. While each turban cloth is bought for the individual, it is likely a lot larger than most people think. Turban cloth is typically about a yard wide and three to four yards long. You may need another person to hold the other end of your turban cloth.

2. Fold the cloth in half lengthwise. Continue folding lengthwise until the turban cloth is 5 inches wide, rather than a yard. Finally, fold one edge over by 1 inch, creating a lip of folded material running down one length of the turban cloth.

3. Hold one end of the turban cloth in your teeth, then draw the length of the turban back along the left side of the head to the back of your neck. As the wrap is conducted clockwise (as viewed from above), you’ll continue by bringing the turban cloth from the back of your neck over the right side of the top of your head.

4. Draw the turban cloth down over your forehead diagonally. From there bring the turban cloth over your left ear. Cover the length of turban at the back of your neck, then draw the turban cloth around the right side of your head again, pinning the turban’s beginning end in place. Make sure to keep the wrap tight enough to hold your turban’s starting point against the back of your head. If you are keeping your wrap tight enough, you should be able to stop clenching the turban in your mouth.

5. Wrap the turban cloth over your right ear, then upward across your forehead diagonally again. Repeat this procedure a few times, each time sharpening the upward diagonal angle, slowly covering more and more of the top of your head. Each wrap should be a circle that, beginning in the back, comes diagonally upward over right ear and forehead, then diagonally downward along the top left portion of your head, to begin again from the back.

6. Once you have about a yard of turban cloth left, with just the center of your head exposed, fold it back in on itself. Rather than folding lengthwise, fold horizontally, producing a half yard of double-ply turban cloth.

7. Tuck the last length of turban cloth into the inner wall of your turban. The top of your head will remain exposed, but there should be no more loose cloth.

8. Unleash the beginning of your turban by pulling up on the initial strand. You will know use the very beginning of your turban cloth to fill in the open patch on your head. To do this, unfold the cloth once, doubling its width. Cover your head with this open segment of cloth by tucking the initial cloth into the opposite end of the interior of your turban.

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