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Hey Lovelies!

Finally, yes finally I had time to do the post about my shopping spree that took place the other day. So, here it goes!

This is how shopping goes down when me and “mama” hit down town!

Hmmm…doesn’t look like much huh? But shall we take a closer look?

I LOVE leather jackets in all shapes, forms, sizes and colors. They’ve of sort become like a new small obsession after shoes and handbags (kind of developing a lot of fashion obsessions lately, yikes!). I walked into Massimo Dutti to have a look around and they had just received a new fall shipment. The sales attendant was just un-packing these leather jackets. I quickly asked for one in my size and that was it, a new leather jacket had joined my closet whether it liked it or not. Lol! I must say I like the leather jackets from Massimo Dutti because the quality of the leather is really amazing and the price is really not bad.

This was a great buy, but then I walked into Zara and saw…

…this black motorcycle leather jacket. Very a la the leather jackets in the movie Grease. Remember that movie? Either way I had to have it. I tired it on and I looked like I had just parked my black Aprilia 900CC outside Zara. Once again great quality leather for a great price and a bad-ass jacket for a bad-ass look!

By the way Zara has also started receiving a lot of the pre-fall and fall collection you hurry down to your closest Zara before all the “goodies” sell out, like they always do.

However, while I walked around a bit more inside Zara I found this super chic red blazer. A must have in my wardrobe to brighten up my outfits and wear my fierce red lipstick with.

This blazer looks very nice both dressed up and dressed down depending on ones mood.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! While at Massimo Dutti I also picked up this pretty pleated skirt with a real cute butterfly top. Might wear it together or I might not.

I like the combination of these colors and patterns together though. Do you? Massimo Dutti has a lot of new, nice fall clothes so if you have one near you it might be worth it to stop by.

After shopping around in Zara’s, Mango’s, TopShop’s, Massimo Dutti’s and all those stores it was time to head over to the port (Puerto Banus) to see all the super nice designer stores (anything from Gucci, Louis Vuitton to Prada, Dolce Gabbana and many more) and the first one I visited was Louis Vuitton.

I already have a LV Speedy bag but sometimes it gets heavy to always have to carry it in my hand so I’ve had my eye on this new Speedy model since it came out. It’s genius, it comes with a detachable leather strap. I had never seen it in real life but when I did I loved it.


You can never have too many bags am I right girls? Different outfit, different bag so there has to be some variety in ones closet to choose from. I have not yet worn my new fab Speedy but when I do I will let you know how I like but I’m pretty sure I will love it!

There are four different sizes of this bag and the price difference between the sizes is really minimal so when buying this bag you really need to choose the right size for you and not worry about the price. I think the price difference is about €10 between each size.


A must have in ones handbag collection. A true classic that will never go out of style is the Lady Dior handbag. LOVE IT! This bag is pure beauty and class…

…and I had no other choice than to come home with one of these ladies. I just couldn’t say no! It was impossible, especially when I saw it in the new patent color called “Brun”.

“Brun” is a mix between a grey and a sort of khaki. Mr Dior’s favorite color was always grey because he said it (the color grey) goes with everything and every other color on the color scale. He was totally right about that and that’s another reason why I choose this color of the bag. It will be easy to mix and match and since it’s patent I can wear it both during the day with the long strap for a more sporty look. Or remove the long strap and wear it in the evening for a dressed up look.


All in all I am very happy with my purchases. However, since this shopping trip there has been a few more so I will update you all on the rest of the things I got in the next couple of post. Hope you enjoyed this one and there is plenty more to come.

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