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Hey there Lovelies!

I told you that I will scoop out the fashion for you while in Marbella on vacation. Yesterday I browsed the department stores quickly and this is what I found.

While walking to Movistar (cellphone provider) in La Canada (shopping mall) I spotted these very Chanel-esque knitted black/white stitched short cardigans with tipping on placket and pockets at TopShop on the ground floor in La Canada.

I think they make a good high-street purchase to kick-off the fall shopping sprees as well as they will keep you warm on a cooler summer day. Very chic and very classic for a fraction of the price as the real deal.

Which color combination do you like better? I like both so for the price (which is pretty reasonable at TopShop usually) I would get both, you can’t go wrong.

Now let’s go from classic to pretty, Pretty Ballerinas to be more exact.

For those of you who know Pretty Ballerinas I am sure you love them and for those of you who are not familiar with this brand let me tell you a little more about these fabulous shoes.

Pretty Ballerinas is a division of MASCARÓ, a family based company founded in Ferreries, Menorca, in 1918. The MASCARÓ family has been a manufacturer of fine footwear and ballerina shoes for four generations and in 2008, the company celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Pretty Ballerinas is the creation of a long line of history and tradition. Still to this day, the footwear is ethically sourced and hand-made on the Island of Menorca, Spain.

Pretty Ballerinas has been photographed on the most fashionable and influential celebrities, which include Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, and Katherine Heigl. Pretty Ballerinas stores are located all over the world: London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Cannes. The first North American boutique opened in September 2009 on Victoria Avenue in Westmount, Montreal, Canada.

However, if you are in Marbella they have quite a large selection at El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus. I got myself two pairs yesterday a la Chanel style.

Besides having the most adorable, comfortable and stylish and stylish shoes Pretty Ballerinas has the cutest packging ever don’t you think? I loved carrying my bags last night. Pretty and Pink!

Here are the Pretty Ballerinas I choose. I got them in two color combos this one and another one that is light beige leather with darker beige leather trimmings, bow and tip. Very nice! I only took a picture of the one color combo (yes, I was a little lazy) but the are identical just different colors so I hope you can use your imagination a little bit.

Like I said if you are in Montreal you can find the Pretty Ballerina boutique in Westmount and if you are in Marbella El Corte Ingles has a large selection and they retail for about 130 euros but there are tons of models on sale right now for 30% off. Yay! Lucky me, I always end up liking the most expensive ones so the ballerinas I got they are actually Nueva Collection (new fall collection) so these were not on sale. Bummer!

I also spotted these super nice Valentino flats and heels. I fell in LOVE with them and was ready to buy them although they were kind of pricy and retailing for 540 euros at El Corte Ingles. Either way I asked for my size and tried them on but OMG they were so uncomfortable that I would never be able to wear them. Very gorgeous but so walkable in at all. Such a shame.

These were another cute pair of D&G ballerinas I spotted at Corte Ingles not to sure about the price but I think they were around 200 euros.

I know I have already featured this shoe on the blog before but every time I see this shoe it puts a smile on my face. The designer behind this heel is Alberto Guardiani and you can find them at Corte Ingles in black patent and black suede.

Moving on from shoes to bags I always tend to forget about this fabulous Spanish designer, Carolina Herrera till I get to Spain. I really like all her leather goods and shoes but I am not such a big fan of her clothing line. Either way I love this bag A LOT!

I also did a quick stop at Zara in La Canada in Marbella and found this pleated skirt in a gorgeous blue with gold accent buttons. No hesitation there but I walked right up to the cash and paid for it. I think this purchase literally happened in a few seconds. I should like this more often.

Marbella has finally received their very own UGGS boutique located in La Canada. I’m not sure how often you will end up wearing Uggs if you live in Marbella but let’s say you travel to colder places at least you can buy a pair of boots that keep your feet warm.

This is a few models from the new collection stating at a price of 215 euros. I kind of like the sequence boots in a sort of a weird way….

Since we already are on the subject of glitter check out these blinged out iPod that are being sold at Corte Ingles. There is anything from camcorders to gold iPhones. I was told I wasn’t aloud to take pics but if you go to the top floor near the CDs and books you will spot this section easily.

Hope you have enjoyed some of the ConFashions for Marbella. There is lots more to come so stay tuned and enjoy your Sunday it’s now time for me to hit the treadmill, do a few laps in the pool and then it’s all relaxing for the rest of the day.

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