Villa Viktoria – Lower Levels


Welcome To Villa Viktoria In Marbella Spain.

This post is the first one in the series of quite a few. In each Villa Viktoria post I will show you a different part of my Villa Viktoria. Today I will share with you the lower levels of the villa.

So let’s get started shall we?

This is the entrance gate to the villa. Note the name at the top of the gate (that’s right Villa Viktoria). The smaller pictures are of the street where the villa is located. A very quite and private street filled with palm trees on each side of the road. So pretty! I love palm trees, so simple but so beautiful and exotic.

Here you can see the stairs that lead up from the entrance up to the lower levels of the villa where the swimming pool, tanning area and bar is located. Yes, this is the fun area at least during the hot summer days (which is most of the year).

Here is the first view of my amazing swimming pool which I spend hours in (when I say hours I mean it) swimming and splashing around. Of course it’s great to have a pool when you are tanning so that you can jump in, cool off and continue working on your tan.

Do you see that big stone wall? In the wall there are tons of speakers installed so while tanning, swimming or having a few drinks in the bar me, my family and friends can listen to the latest summer tracks. Woop! Woop!

Love the sea-star in the pool! Very pretty!

Here is a close-up on how the bar looks. It has a roof but the sides are open so there is shade from the sun but there is still a cool breeze coming through the walls while one is sipping on a glass of sangria or a bottle of cold Corona.

While I was taking the photos of the villa today I was boiling, thought I was going to melt any second (it was so hot out today, Sahara dessert I tell you!) I jumped in the pool to cool off but to my surprise it felt more like I jumped into a warm bathtub. I swam to the thermometer in the pool to check how many degrees it was in the pool and this is what I saw. Do you see it? Yes, that’s right! 31 degrees Celsius in my pool! Wholly molly, now that’s a warm pool.

You know how as a kid you draw a round circle, fill it in white the color yellow and then you draw rays coming out of the circle and that is suppose to look like the sun? When in reality when you look at the sun on a day to day basis it just looks bright and round, or slightly covered by clouds. However, look at the photos I took earlier today the sun actually looks they way you usually draw a sun, no? Just wanted to share this thought with you…lol!

Anyhow, this is the sun that gives me my beautiful tan every summer and keeps me warm while I am in Spain!

Since, cooling off in the pool did not work to well due to the scotching heat I had to resort to another option that is called a cold shower. There is a shower in the pool area so that you can shower off when you get back from the beach before you take a swim in the pool. Or when it’s hot like this or if you don’t want to shower indoors you can always shower out in the fresh air, to each their own.

There is even a life-ring located underneath the shower in case of emergencies. Nah, actually it’s more for decoration but it works for both purposes at the end of the day.

Dosn’t the water from the shower look extremely refreshing in this photo? I almost feel like leaning forward and drinking from my screen (not really but you get the point).

Now you’ve seen the lower levels of Villa Viktoria. The entrance, the pool, the bar and the tanning area. This whole lower level is AMAZING for throwing pool parties and the best part at the end of the party there almost no mess to clean up compared to when you throw a house party!

Maybe it’s time to plan a pool party? Who knows…

The next post of Villa Viktoria I take you up these stair to the upper level and give you a tour. Excited? I hope so because I am very excited. It was soooo much fun photographing my villa today. Believe it or not I have never done it before so this is most def a new and fun experience for and I love that I can share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Now I am going to unpack all the shopping I did today so I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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