From MARBELLA With Love


Hola Love-litos!

He…he…it’s all about speaking Spanglish for the next couple of weeks since I just landed in MARBELLA on the Cost del Sol in Espana. Wicked! I’m so happy to be here to see my family, friends, tan, shop, swim (in the pool and the sea) and tons on fun stuff while I’m here.

For those of you who don’t know I have a summer house here so I have been coming here for years every summer without fail and I never get tired of coming here. Another interesting fact is that this is where was “born”, in-fact almost exactly a year ago. So this place brings lots of creativity in all shapes and forms.

The beach is literally just steps away from my villa and it’s gorgeous. I like to alternate between the beach and my pool. I like both but sometimes I feel it’s a little more relaxing at home since it’s my own private pool and I don’t have to share it with anyone (selfish? no, not at all but I do like my privacy) but my family. On the other hand the beach is amazing as well. I love the salty sea water, the waves and the nice chiringuitos where I can sit, relax and eat some good seafood fished and cooked right in front of my eyes. Muy Bueno!

My house in Spain is called Villa Viktoria so I am thinking of doing a series of posts where I can show you around my villa Viktoria. How does that sound? Each day I’ll feature a different part of the house. And since each part of the house is inspired by different themes it will make for some interesting and inspiring posts. I think so anyways.

Now I have to jump in the shower and get ready because I am going to see what kind of “trendsetaging” (as the girls at wok would say) i going on in Puerto Banus. I will try to get some could “street fashion” shots for all of you to see how the “Marbellans” love their fashion. Since the anti was up:ed on fashion as soon as the plance landed in Malaga I better start getting ready. People think Montreal is fashionable, let me tell you all you have seen NADA (nothing in Spanish) till you hit the streets of Purto Banus.

Ok, ok I really got to run now but I’ll be back in a bit.

Besitos ( xoxo in Spanish) !!!

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